Importance of SSL Certificate for eCommerce Website

Importance of SSL Certificate for eCommerce Website

Nobody would ever want their bank details stolen by the hacker from the e-commerce website where they did online shopping. It is ensured not to happen by the website owner by having an SSL certificate for their e-commerce website. Such financial information is gathered daily. It must be secured in the best possible way from getting leaked to hackers.

Users must refrain from providing banking details on such websites for those who do not have the SSL certificate. You are more likely at risk as it may be easier for the hacker to gain access and steal your financial information. SSL certificates ensure that all the information on the website must be encrypted to be revealed to any external user.

What is an SSL Certificate?

We must have heard the encryption terminology, which is what SSL certification does on the e-commerce website. All the information exchanged between clients and servers is secured from external threats by stopping them from retrieving the highly sensitive data. An SSL certificate enables safe browsing without troubling the browsing by the users.

Do you understand the difference between HTTP vs HTTPS? HTTPS denotes that the website has an SSL certificate that can be crossed checked; if the website’s name starts with the HTTPS protocol, then it protected with an SSL certificate. On the other hand, those websites start with HTTP protocol only; transmit data as plain text to the server. Such a website is at high risk and can be hacked easily.

Types of SSL Certificates

The following are the three types of SSL certificates that web developers and website owners widely use to keep their data secure.

1. Domain Validated Certificate – DV

The domain validation certificate is the right selection a business can go for when it comes to the least expensive option. Normally, it includes basic encryption and the verification of possession of the domain registration. DV can be obtained as it has no complex procedure involved.

This type of certificate is designed for simple web pages. Such web pages don’t provide further assurance to their visiting traffic.

2. Extended Validation Certificate – EV

EV certificates are the right choice for e-commerce websites as they include maximum security. Also, they are the most expensive type of SSL certificate. It can be recognized by padlock sign on the website and contains HTTPS protocol.

Premium e-commerce websites obtain this type of SSL security. It ensures data secrecy such as payment method credentials, user logins, or other sensitive data.

3. Organization Validated Certificate – OV

Website owners almost get the same level of SSL security in OV as we get in EV certificate. It can be verified if the padlock appears as a visual cue in the address bar and HTTPS protocol is used instead of HTTP. These indications will depict the e-commerce websites this way.

OV certificate shows the information on the website, and it can be distinguished from any malicious website. The cost of this type of SSL certificate is less than the EV certificate.   


Do I need an SSL Certificate? This question needs to be considered by the owner of the websites. They need to analyze the nature of business and obtain the SSL security accordingly. An EV certificate is a right selection for e-commerce websites. It ensures the highest level of security for the incoming traffic.

The other two types of SSL certificates do not ensure the level of security as EV does. These may not gain the users’ confidence to share sensitive information over the webpage. SSL certificates are essential and must be obtained if you want to do an e-commerce business.

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