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PCSimple's Story

Back in the middle of the 1990s, Clive Sanham took the steps to founding PCSimple with the purpose of introducing over 55s to the World Wide Web.

Clive has a career background in amusement catering, social club management, accounting and adult education; as well as an educational portfolio comprising of a BA degree in learning, technology & research, a certEd, a diploma in education, a CIU diploma in club management (with honours in accountancy) and countless other qualifications from the likes of OCR and Cisco, Clive was well qualified and experienced in both problem solving and people management.

PCSimple Overview

PCSimple Hosting is built with the goal of becoming a one-stop-shop of Web Presence products for Professionals and SMEs. We partner with a variety of world-famous providers of Web Hosting, Email Hosting, SaaS and security products to offer you the best products to fit your every need.

In addition to providing great choice in products we are also upgrading our interfaces to deliver a highly intutive and efficient experience in adding, managing and transacting with your customers through the Orderbox platform.

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Frequently asked questions

When you register a domain name, you buy the exclusive rights to, and control over, an Internet resource. In other words, you’re leasing the domain for a fixed period, with the right to renew. At PCSimple Hosting, we’ll ensure that your registration is renewed at the end of a term (if that’s what you want), keeping it locked and secure.

No, but at PCSimple Hosting, we do it all. A domain name registrar will help you to buy a domain name. A domain hosting service maintains and oversees your connection to the server. At PCSimple Hosting, we provide cybersecurity, professional email accounts, and an SSL certificate, which encrypts information sent to the server for an added layer of protection.

Yes, you can. Sometimes, when a business divides, certain parts of a domain will be moved to other domains. On the other hand, two or more domains might be merging. In both cases, domains and sub-domains can be moved, and this is something we’ll do for you at PCSimple Hosting.

Because we’re good hosts, we won’t let you down! If you have a problem – or just a query – contact us at any time, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Phone 01263 805012 or email us via the contact form.